Sunday, 14 August 2016


Recently our city hosted the festival of colors Holi. He was devoted to the youth day. In India is a celebration of spring and love. In our city it was held for the first time, I learned about it from the group Vkontakte. I was interested and decided to attend this festival with my sister. On this day we had bad weather, but we still came to the festival. On a small platform was a lot of fun on stage playing DJ. Somebody was dancing, somebody was fooling around on the team throwing paint at the top. We received a tremendous amount of emotions. If you have in the city will be held this festival, you should definitely go - you will not regret!


Wednesday, 13 July 2016

»Mascara L'oreal Volume Million Lashes ♡

L'oreal so couture is undoubtedly one of the most popular at the moment, mascara. The number of opinions already exceeded three hundred. This mascara I received as a gift. And now I want to share with you opinion about this beauty.
 - At the height of. A beautiful flakon - purple tint
- Everything looks good expensive, stylish, I do like the design  carcass of this series. Pleasing to the eye.
- The tube opens easily, closes with a distinctive click, and tightly.
- The volume is quite standard  9.5 ml.

- I'm not a big fan of these brushes, but this one I liked.
- It's silicone, in general, is not very big.
- It is convenient to paint over the lashes at the corners of his eyes.

The smell
He is just awesome! It smells like vanilla cake, fragrant, very pleasant. That's just such a nice bonus to the carcass. But for those who don't like any kind of fragrance may not like the flavor, but it does not felt when worn and does not spoil  mascara.

Do not take the money and buy this mascara! This is a decent mascara will not disappoint you! Recommend!


Tuesday, 12 July 2016

»DAILY BLOG: New cosmetics, the idea of posts ♡

A week ago we have received the parcel from Germany. There were gifts to my whole family. I have the cosmetics. Detailed review I will do in the next post. And now a general overview of what I received. So, in the parcel there was an eye shadow, Notepad, earrings, mascara and many sweets. Therefore, shortly expect a review on eye shadow and mascara. I love these things and I want to share their opinion with you.

Monday, 4 July 2016

»DAILY BLOG: Cheesecakes. I'm back. New ideas ♡

Hello, my dear. Something I really fell out of blogger life. But finally in my life came back inspired and I'm ready again to share posts on the blog. I have accumulated a lot of stuff which I want to share on the blog. So soon expect a flood of messages from me. This week will publish a review on the eyeshadow palette. 
This morning I started with a delicious breakfast. I find it difficult to please in terms of foodespecially Breakfast. But cheesecakes- are my new love. Do you like cheesecakes? What prefer to eat for Breakfast?
By the way, have you noticed how fast flying month of summer? I don't have time to keep track of time. It is very sad to realize how fast time flies. See you in the next post.
With Love, Tanya.


Saturday, 18 June 2016

»Daily Blog:Depression or I'm returning on the blog? ♡

Every time I sit down at my laptop hoping to write a post, I have not ideas. Sometimes i have are photos, but no text, and sometimes Vice versa. I just got lost somewhere in search of inspiration. Even the summer does not help. Maybe, because the exams? Or is it the environment that surrounds me? But in the meantime to change the situation I can not, and finances do not allow. 

In my life, so much has happened, that everything has changed. If I used to think that the summer will hold with friends, now I have to back home and look for work. And I decided to leave university. I decided to transfer to distance learning. But it is considered a study? 

I became depressed because of all these changes and problems that have accumulated in my life. It's my fault that i made a hasty decision and sincerely hope that these changes only for the better. And I hope very much that I will often write on the blog. And may God give me lots of inspiration.

With love,Tanya

Tuesday, 17 May 2016


Hello, dear readers. Today my post will be dedicated to cosmetic. And the first about things I want to tell is  this is tonal Foundation Max Factor Lasting Performance. Reason why I chose it:
1. Very persistent. Long lasting on the face.
2. Easy to apply
3. Economical. Enough 2-3 drops on the face.
4. Not a big tube that fits easily into a makeup bag
The foundation is very easy to lie on the skin, does not stain and flaking. It is not felt on the skin. No sense of a mask or a cream. Makes pores less noticeable, and very really very durable and still economical. I'm happy with my choice.

Pencil eyeliner Vivienne Sabo Coup De Genie, which I use not the first year. The pencil 002 ideal for owners of light brown eyebrows! And so the eyebrow Pencil Vivienne Sabo Coup De Genie has only 4 shades (001, 002,003,004). A simple pencil that has a cap with a brush for combing eyebrows. Cap, unfortunately, poorly, holding a pencil. But it's not such a problem. The pencil is very soft, not smeared, the skin does not scratch. Pencil eyeliner Vivienne Sabo Coup De Genie I would certainly recommend it. If you too are looking for a pencil for blonde eyebrows.

Mascara Belita FLASHES Explosive volume + infinite length (Belita Young). 
It separates the lashes. Really adds volume. Well kept during the day, no flaking. The shape of the brush is not one of my favorites. Silicone brush, very fluffy, medium in size. To buy definitely recommend!! Very pleased that our manufacturers produce such a great product!

Love, Tanya!

Monday, 25 April 2016


1. My family. I'd be nowhere without them.
2. Sunshine
3. The smell of books, new or old.
4. A good cup of tea
5. Photographs - one of the best ways to capture a memory
6. Weekend, when not to go to University
7. A walk in the Park
8. Music.I could not live without music
9. My friends. I have a lot of people that I can call my friends, and I thank God for them!
10. Serials. I'm obsessed with TV shows, especially the comedy genre
11. Chocolate
12. Conversations with my sister. I am very glad that my sister and I are close.
13.  To drink tea at dawn. Just stand by the window, drink tea and watch as the city wakes up
14. Blogs
15. Flowers. Fresh flowers. I love the smell of fresh flowers
16. Buying makeup.
17. Holidays
18. Movies, TV shows
19. Wasting hours on Instagram.
20. Writing on this blog 

Tell me what makes you happy?


Sunday, 3 April 2016

» March Favorites ♡

Shampoo Pantene Pro-V Fusion with nature Cleansing and nourishing.
The trouble is that I can't use the same shampoo constantly , as if he did not like me , constantly have to look for something new - hair quickly become accustomed to the monotony, often there is itching , hair becomes dull. So in search of another shampoo, I came across a Pantene cleansing and nourishing with extracts of grapefruit . It was what I needed.The shampoo foams well and cleans well the hair and scalp. I have a very oily scalp and not all shampoos can, even for two times, rinsed her well. But this shampoo is able.The shampoo is great for me! . I will buy it again, because it can be bought at the nearest shop and it is inexpensive.

EOS lip balm. 
Not long ago as a gift, I received a lip balm with the flavor "passion fruit". Balm is made in the form of a hemisphere, a case of velvet rubber.EOS is a completely natural product and contains no parabens. It consists of: coconut oil, Shea butter, vitamin E, beeswax, olive oil, jojoba oil and stevia. Balm on tastes good, slightly sweet, not sticky. I was delighted with this lip balm and with a clear conscience I can heartily recommend it!

 Beauty Blender
I use it almost every day, so for a month, even more, he is still in good condition. Fits in a hand, lies conveniently. Pretty elastic.More I have nothing to add.

15 Colors Cosmetic Facial Contour
These correctors is truly a miracle! Very good mask under-eye circles and other imperfections on the face, do not dry the skin. I don't know, how to behave will correctors in the warmer months, I have oily skin. But so far so good.I recommend You these correctors. Even though they will not save you from skin problems but will help to make them less noticeable.


Saturday, 2 April 2016

» 6 valuable tips that will help you in your life ♡

📌 Don't be afraid to stand up for themselves. Especially if it concerns your studies or career. Feel free to respect yourself. You're worth it. If you're not going to respect yourself, then how can you expect respect from others. Sometimes you need to defend their interests. It's not because you're bad, but because you can meet people who have their plans for you.

📌 Don't be shy to ask for help. Many of us since childhood are taught to be strong and independent. However, they somehow forget to tell you that to be so does not mean never asking for help. Assistance may be required for anyone. And it is not shameful to seek it from loved ones.

📌 Learn to save money. This valuable habit is organizing your life in General. Besides, you'll always have a little stash that will make you feel confident. Save at least 100 rubles a month. Still useful – you'll see.

📌 Not to communicate with those who spoils your mood. Life is too short to waste it on unpleasant people. And you don't owe anyone anything. Especially not this boring she is already half an hour tells you how she's crazy all boys school. Run away from her!

📌 If a guy is using you and doesn't respect, don't waste your time with him. It's only now you think that you have a lot of time. Decent guys and Vice versa, is not enough. In fact, just the opposite. If he doesn't respect you and ignores you, leave him! You will find better

📌 Wear comfortable clothes and shoes. It's beautiful! And you know why? Because when you're comfortable, you feel confident. And behave the same. Confident people attract attention, they want to communicate.

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