Tuesday, 18 October 2016

» reviews | kylie lip kit mary jo k ♡

At first I was not happy with matte lipsticks, but over time I began to like it, although there are downsides. I really wanted a lipstick from Kylie. And a miracle happened, a friend gave it to me for a birthday. I was very happy!
I'll be honest. It dries the lip, if not regularly moisturize, day she better not wear or alternate with the balm. Dries quickly - that's a plus. But the fact that she will survive 14 hours with meals, as many say - it is nonsense. Downtown is still erased and will remain an unpleasant contour, and to re-paint, you need to completely erase this contour. 
I understand why everyone loves these lipsticks because it's Kylie. I have listed advantages and disadvantages  for myself. But honestly, this is the BEST lipstick in my purse.

Saturday, 8 October 2016


Lily Collins is one of the most stylish young stars. 27-year-old actress has English and American roots – she is the daughter of famous British musician Phil Collins.
However, despite all artistic success, the girl best known as a young lady with exquisite taste. The actress prefers t-shirts, shirts and skinny jeans. Lily tries to be always flawless, even on the street. Outfits girls always logical and complete.
Lily is a lover of classic shoes – black and white boats. The appearance of Collins, by their nature unique, which is why she often chooses outfits white or black color, and the mutability of her in outfits adds a red lipstick.Lily loves the freedom in the outfits. And not only in everyday life, but also on the red carpet. Outfits from Chanel is her favorite. Style Lily Collins –  glamour. Her elegant evening gowns in dark shades always highlight the white skin. 
Despite the fact that Lily is only taking its first steps in the world of cinema, fashion and television, she is already worthy of discussion not only for  talent but also  impeccable taste. 

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

» 20 DAYS CHALLENGE: 3 favorite tv shows ♡

Today I want to share with you my favorite  tv shows. Of course, I will not publish the entire list. 

1. Pretty little liars 
I think that everyone heard about this tv-show. Exactly, I don't remember when I started to watch the show "pretty little liars". Think with the 2nd season. In the tv show I really like - intrigue. You just look what beautiful actors. The main thing that is very important – until the end of the season and remains an intrigue who is this "A". Even in the show a lot of sharp turns, unpredictable plot, lots of killing and even just the terrible situations! The series a pleasure to watch!

2. Gossip girl
The whole series is intriguing, scandal, sex, friendship. Many fall in love with the handsome Nate, in outfits,  in the soundtrack and someone loves the story and New York! But the plot is quite simple. I honestly don't remember who was with whom in a relationship, because each of the characters had an incredible amount of lovers. But the series revolves around the love of  pairs of Chuck/Blair and Serena/Dan. I suggest you to watch this TV show, it's nice to plunge into the world of luxury and wealth and i understand that the rich also cry.

3. The Carrie Diaries
"The Carrie diaries" is the prequel of the cult series "sex and the city" about the life of young Carrie Bradshaw.  The series is a very easy, interesting and fun.  Carrie a high school girl who lives with her father and sister. They recently lost  mother and everyone in the family in their going through it. For two seasons the heroes, many times, are faced with a difficult choice: love or study, love or sex, truth or lies, your dream job or the dream job of his father, resentment or forgiveness and so on.


Monday, 3 October 2016

» 20 days challenge: 5 favorite films ♡

Damn, I'm sorry, I didn't have time to post this challenge. Today I am posting a list of my favorite movies!

 A Walk to Remember. 
After viewing it entered the list of my favorite movies. Many say that the film is predictable and trite, but I totally disagree with this. The situation the film is absolutely  unpredictable. Well, the tears are never commonplace. The movie itself may be simple, but the idea is wonderful. This film shows the feelings.

Groupies bleiben nicht zum Frühstück
Oh, what a cute movie! He's such a summer filled with romance of first love and, of course, with a happy ending, or rather the beginning of a relationship..
The film is an interesting, easy looks. Sat with a bad mood, after viewing, I was smiling. Nice girl, nice guy, good music. Generally, all that is needed.Actors matched perfectly. Music struck me. 

Now You See Me
The film itself is complex and intricate, looks at one go, keeping the viewer in suspense until the very last second. Drive, intrigue, illusions are all connected so cleverly that like a spectacular trick performed by an incredible magician. The crazy idea of the writer seizes your attention and carries with it the detectiveworld of illusions... Well, the reason is simple: in the picture there is no template, and that's it!

10 Things I Hate About You

I'm probably a romantic. So I like everything that happens with love. This film has long as my favorite. Romantic story and a small share of Comedy. Great acting. Good music. Great story. I understand that a lot of films, but this one is something special, mesmerizing. In general, this is a film that truly can advise you to look at all. 

 Need for Speed
Starring Aaron Paul. Many know him as Jesse Pinkman from "Breaking Bad". If you love cars, you should definitely watch. The main character rides on the legendary Ford Mustang. Great shooting! Looks beautiful and at the same time realistic. 

Saturday, 1 October 2016

» 20 days challenge: 10 facts about me ♡

On  "20 day challenge"  I came across quite by accident and I liked it. So I every day for 20 days I will publish posts. I hope, I will not be lazy.
1 October 2016 first day calls - 10 facts about me
✔️ I realized recently, that autumn my liking. I love this time of year
✔️ I like to listen to different music. I like dance hits 
✔️ I like it sweet,  a lot of sweet! Parents even began to hide the candy! Haha. 
✔️ My favorite genre of film - musical. I love movies with dancing, music. Also love Comedy. 
✔️ I don't follow fashion. Love to dress as comfortable for me.

✔️ I love to help people with advice. I like to listen to people and their stories. 
✔️  I just love literature, books.  I won't sleep,  until i finish read the book to end! 
✔️ I prefer TV shows than movies 
✔️ I am very dependent on instagram. I love this app. Love to see photos of people. 
✔️ And the last fact about the blog. The blog this year was celebrating 5 years. For 5 years he has changed so much as I do! 

Friday, 30 September 2016

» WISHLIST | dresslily ♡

Hello my dears ♥
A new post wishlist from me with links to cool stuff. Go to and buy these cute things at a low price. Tomorrow goes cool challenge for 20 days. Hope you like it. Tell us how was the first month of autumn? 

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

» makeup brushes ♡

As you may have guessed from the title of this little post is solely about makeups brush. 
Store kindly sent me their  eye blending brush set last week to try out and review, which is super nice of them. I am really grateful. I love the colour scheme of these brushes, they are so bright and playful and so darn cute!!  
They feel sturdy in your hand but also lightweight enough to be able to control the brushes whilst using them. 

Can I just say... The bristles... OMG they are SOOOOOOO soft!!! I don't think I have ever felt anything like it.

Seriously, you need to feel them!! In fact you can get yours Here for $4.37. 
Oh wait, what is this? They are currently on sale for $4.37.. GO GO GO!!!  

Thursday, 8 September 2016

» Happy | OUTFIT POST ♡

Ok. At the last time I was a very bad blogger. I just scored on all social networks. It's time to return to the blog. Now September. Autumn. You know, I love autumn. Despite the cold, the rain, but I love autumn. Behind the bright colors, for beautiful sunsets, for beautiful foliage on the trees, for warm hoodies and for large scarves. Damn, autumn is just as beautiful. Despite the fact that it's already been almost half of September the weather is still warm, but the nights are already cold. And in one of these warm days, I got out with friends to the make some photos.  That day I was wearing a gray T-shirt with the store " rosegal " with the inscription "Happy" black leather backpack with the same store " rosegal " and blue jeans from Zara, on my feet I wore simple shoes "Adidas".

Ок. Что-то в последнее время я совсем выбыла из жизни блогера.  Просто, я забила на все социальные сети и проводила последний месяц лета очень насыщенно. Но я увлеклась весельем. Что же пора возвращаться на блог. Уже сентябрь. Осень. Знаете, я люблю осень. Даже несмотря на холода, на дождь, но я люблю осень. За яркие краски, за красивые закаты, за красивую листву на деревья, за теплые толстовки и большие шарфы. Черт,да осень так же прекрасна, как и лето. Несмотря на то, что уже прошло почти половина сентября погода еще теплая,но вечера уже холодные. И в один из таких теплых дней, я выбралась с подругами сделать пару фотографий. В тот день на мне была серая футболка  с магазина rosegal  с надписью "Happy" , черный кожаный рюкзак так же с магазина rosegal и  синие джинсы от Zara, на ноги я одела простые кроссовки "Adidas".


Sunday, 14 August 2016


Recently our city hosted the festival of colors Holi. He was devoted to the youth day. In India is a celebration of spring and love. In our city it was held for the first time, I learned about it from the group Vkontakte. I was interested and decided to attend this festival with my sister. On this day we had bad weather, but we still came to the festival. On a small platform was a lot of fun on stage playing DJ. Somebody was dancing, somebody was fooling around on the team throwing paint at the top. We received a tremendous amount of emotions. If you have in the city will be held this festival, you should definitely go - you will not regret!


Wednesday, 13 July 2016

»Mascara L'oreal Volume Million Lashes ♡

L'oreal so couture is undoubtedly one of the most popular at the moment, mascara. The number of opinions already exceeded three hundred. This mascara I received as a gift. And now I want to share with you opinion about this beauty.
 - At the height of. A beautiful flakon - purple tint
- Everything looks good expensive, stylish, I do like the design  carcass of this series. Pleasing to the eye.
- The tube opens easily, closes with a distinctive click, and tightly.
- The volume is quite standard  9.5 ml.

- I'm not a big fan of these brushes, but this one I liked.
- It's silicone, in general, is not very big.
- It is convenient to paint over the lashes at the corners of his eyes.

The smell
He is just awesome! It smells like vanilla cake, fragrant, very pleasant. That's just such a nice bonus to the carcass. But for those who don't like any kind of fragrance may not like the flavor, but it does not felt when worn and does not spoil  mascara.

Do not take the money and buy this mascara! This is a decent mascara will not disappoint you! Recommend!


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